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  • Nuti Mody

Sketchnotes: Where Creativity Meets Clarity

As an artist, visual note-taking through sketchnote comes very intuitively to me. My chemistry class notes were a canvas, filled with doodles that brought my learning to life. However, my sketchnote journey truly took off at the RSD9 symposium in 2019, thanks to Patricia Kambitsch, Manisha Laroia, and the "Visual Thinkers Society."

First sketchnote by Nuti Mody on learning "How to sketchnote?" from Patricia Kambitsch and Manisha Laroia

Here are my insights after six years of sporadic sketchnoting:

  1. You can make a sketch note about everything. It can be your lecture notes, brainstorming sessions, engaging in self-reflection, or documenting group discussion. 

  2. You do not need to be a great artist to make sketch notes. If you can draw basic shapes, lines, and arrows, you can sketchnote. It is about finding your own unique handwriting. Sketchnotes should be meaningful, not beautiful.

  3. Sketchnote is a combination of writing and drawing. Our brains are incredibly visual. When you combine a visual with words, you are engaging your entire cognitive faculty and not just memorizing words.

  4. A concise, coherent, and colourful visual representation can grab more attention. Clear layouts, hierarchy of information, colour codes, and icons can be particularly helpful for individuals with learning differences, such as dyslexia or ADHD.

  5. Mundane presentations and information-heavy reports can get a creative makeover with sketchnotes. You can elevate the engagement, focus, and memory of your audience with this form of storytelling.

  6. By creating visual representations of their thoughts and emotions, individuals can gain a greater understanding of their own mental states and develop strategies for coping with difficult emotions.

  7. Whether in school, conferences, or office meetings, sketchnotes serve as excellent conversation starters. There's something inherently playful and impressive about them, drawing everyone into the conversation and fostering a unique connection.

In essence, sketchnoting isn't just a technique; it's a vibrant way of expressing, learning, and connecting with others!

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