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Scene 1 : Act 2

On a Wednesday in September 2019, we as a group attended a theatre workshop together. It was conducted by Arvind Gaur, ASMITA Theatre Group. Our agenda of attending this was to understand and take the guidance of a creative director of multiple years about his thoughts on Creativity. We wanted to understand how participation in theatre involves fast processing and connection making. Improvising on stage requires the end to end process for constantly creating something new. A very interesting story came to light when he told us about his interaction to this field. When Mr. Arvind was in college, he was enthusiastic and participated in multiple college activities. As he was rebellious in nature, later in his career, he ended up joining Journalism. This mainly fueled his inner anger towards society — the circumstances of his life led him to express himself through theatre and drama. Theatre became his outlet for creating something. He said, “If theatre/artform wasn’t there, I don’t know what would have helped me!”

That night when I was reflecting on this story, my mind took me to an example from home. When my mother was young she was an active singer, a painter, and actor. She used to take part in dramatics and won national awards for her talent! When she got married she decided to take responsibility for her house and kids. But if I think about it, her creative ventures didn’t stop. She is now very easily experimental in the kitchen, is more socially active and has joined a karaoke group. She is extremely expressive in her daily life. Her outlets have changed.

When I talk about Mr. Arvind, there is a chance that if he hadn’t found this outlet for his anger towards the society, it could have caused serious damage. Maybe his outlet, that is theatre right now, would have been something completely negative! In the case of my mother, her tools are new. E.g. painting v/s cooking. She still has the same tendency of creating something new. Even after knowing this, she feels disheartened for not being able to do the previous activities. My question is, is it advisable to change your outlets/tools? One gets a new set of topics to make ‘unusual connections’ from. The new topic is unsaturated for the mind, it’s fresh! How Richard Branson tells us,

“the Mantra is, ABCD – Always Be Connecting Dots.”

This situation provides a completely new set of dots that you can connect easily now.

Or are these tools like a new language to us which is giving us words/dots that we can’t understand?


Disclaimer: This blog post was originally published on [] in 2019 as part of a collaborative group project involving four members. The intellectual input for this blog is a result of collective effort, and the rights to the content belong to all members of the group.

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