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Focus on the +

This is a poem I wrote in the span of 2 months at the beginning of 2020. I had recently moved to a new city for my college internship. The move was mainly difficult because I had no friends, no distant family members, and no safety net in this town. Towards the end of the second month, COVID-19 entered India and I felt vulnerable, scared, and alone. I still kept on writing the poem. When you don't want to bother your dear ones or stress them, Writing becomes a channel to process thoughts and emotions.


focus on the +

It's a unisex PG. So I have to share a common room with random boys.

I mean it's fine, I take it as a sign of society progressing.

There are 2 chickens on the next terrace with the loudest roar in morning.

Chalo, I will wake up early this way!

The tap isn't working in my washroom & the landlady sends me a bucket of water everyday.

I am finally working towards my goal to save the environment!

The lady has also removed extra light bulbs from all rooms, to restrict the electric bill.

Or maybe she's just sustainable that way.

The bathroom is so small that after putting my bucket I don't have space to sit.

But I can squeeze in my daily squats you see!

The other day, A guy from PG offered me ride to office. Maybe he thinks I'll pay for petrol.

Or maybe I found my first friend in this town.

I went to my community building to find help or some accommodation. I did not get either.

But I got a full plate of Gujarati thali for dinner.

The first COVID case in the city is on the next street to where I live.

Let's hope my lonesome behavior will save me this time.

Back home, My mom would make sure I had a routine, proper meals, and controlled expenses.

It is time to take this opportunity and become a bit independent.

I have a sore throat and I am not allowed in the common space.

but at least the gazebo on the terrace is open, with a pretty evening sky!

The curfew due to covid is imposed and I can't water my office plant anymore.

At least I have a boss who allows me to work from home and keep the job.

The last flight home is on Saturday

I am grateful there is a flight out...

I can't bring any of my clothes, books, or shoes back to my hometown.

but at least I am back home.

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