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  • Nuti Mody

Lessons I learnt when living in a new house

Series of observations when I got married and moved out of my parent's home to my husband's family house. I had moved out of my home before, for college, for internships, to new cities. Yet, this was different. I was living with 5 new people, adjusting to a new routine in their house - All while living in the same city, 6 km away from my parent's home.

  1. You need to understand your own bodily needs. You don't have your mom to give you lemonade, to remind you to drink water, or to eat your meals — you will do it yourself.

  2. Your routine is going to change and your body is going to take a toll first -when your lunch timing changes, your hydration level changes. Put a reminder in your phone for the 1st one month.

  3. You will naturally wake up earlier when not in your childhood home. Take advantage of this. Start gym, eat proper breakfast, and spend time with other people.

  4. Hold onto your favorite people from back home. Stay in touch. They love you and miss you too.

  5. Making friends in your 20s is harder than you think. Try to meet new people. It can be your neighbor, your barista, or a park friend. Find your tribe!

  6. You will question your choices more. Especially when you are alone. Trust the process. Trust your decisions. you've got this.

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