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A foot comfort solution for pregnant women

Graduation project (2020-21)

Guided by: Mh. Naim Shaikh

What inspired?

SPD project - Tip tap - comfort

Peers working in similar industry

Availability of resources during Pandemic situation

Focus Points:

  • Additional comfort to foot (or the entire leg) muscles

  • Support and improvement of foot shape

  • Relaxation of muscles

  • May/Maynot be an improvement of existing product

  • A familiar solution for easy adaptation by the user-group

  • User should not seek for external help to use the product

Design direction:

A footwear solution that fits the individual’s foot perfectly and provides comfort to back of foot area during the last trimester of pregnancy.

  • To provide comfort through custom design solutions
    to each individual's foot contours.

  • To make sure the Gait cycles & mobility for pregnant
    women is not changed.

  • To make a product that can be used by pregnant
    women independently.

  • Reduce material layering in footwear manufacturing,
    for possible recycling process.

render of Voet insole and shoe

base [noun] the foundation, support, or lowest part (of something), or the surface on which something is standing.

Separating the

two products

in individual




To increase sale of individual product

Mono-material is easier to recycle/repurpose

Enhancing product value

render of Voet shoe
render of Voet insole

video shows the working of product with the help of LED color change

Charging pod detailed view

exploded view of charging pod
render of charging pod inside the Voet shoe
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