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Travel luggage tags

Studi Tidy product

(2 weeks)


The leather that was bought from ghee Kanta, old city - Ahmedabad, was finally utilised when in 2021 a dear friend and my sister decided to leave the country and I decided to make them a personalised handmade gift.

five luggage tags photo shoot against beige wall
The twins

two perfectly square tags made out of green and tan leather pieces. The pieces are secured with an interlock.


Stitched together three pieces of single colour leather and sandwiched transparent plastic between. This piece is secured with a button.


Combination of tan and olive leather with is secured with an interlock. a piece of transparent plastic sheet is stitched between.


Tan leather for belt and body made with olive leather. the piece is interlocked for fastening with a flap in front. Belt here is detachable.

Detailed view
3 different uggage tags photographed against concrete wall
close up view of luggage tag
close up detail of luggage tag
close up view of luggage tags
top view of all luggage tags
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