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Brand Packaging for SHED

Product Developed at SHED

(2 weeks)


Project Brief

To design Packaging that,

a) reduces the amount of breakage/damage of products faced by SHED and it's clients

b) caters to all different size of retail products of the brand,

c) is cost efficient

d) bring the feeling of nostalgia and familiarity

e) hold the meaningfulness of the brand

packaging units on the go
raw material scouting for pipes
raw material pipes

Tools & Materials:

  • Waste MDF

  • Discarded PVC pipes from construction sites

  • Cotton ropes

Lathe machine for cut and finish

fastening techniques with hand

Surface finish with hand

when open
S size packaging
M size packaging
L size packaging

The team decided to use 3 different diameter of pipes- 4 inch, 6 inch and 8 inch width as per the sizes of retail products.

This Packaging was introduced during Rakhi season as a premium packaging with the gift hampers.

The major advantage of the packaging was that the height was variable - allowing us to use just enough amount of material that would,

a) reduce usage of extra packing material (bubble wrap, newspaper, plastic, hay)

b) provide a tight fit  to product leading to less breakage

A draw-back faced with this packaging was,

a) the irregular supply of waste/excess pipes

b) the production time constraint faced by the brand with a single lathe machine.

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