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Mood Log

Data visualization project

Self - initiated

(2021 onwards)

“Do you ever look at someone and wonder, what is going on inside their head?”

- Riley, Inside out (Disney, 2015)

Back in March, 2021 I started going to therapy and learnt about my disconnect with my emotions. Once we began working on that, I simply started noting down what I was feeling on a particular day. 

march data in format 1
april data in format 2

 By mid May, I realised how I was letting these emotions take over my entire day and learnt to feel these emotions individually instead

Later by the end of year, the colours were assigned to each emotion (based on colour theory and personal preferences) and individual stimulus were noted with different legends.

data3 in format 3
may data in format 3
data2 in format 3

This transformed into a beautiful garden of flowers of different colours each day. You can see the mood calendar below.

The petals on each flower represent my mood at different times of the day, going clockwise from day to night.

On a personal level,

This project has helped me align my routine with my inner self better. By understanding and being more in connect with my emotions, I have been able to take command of my routine and be more productive and at peace. That being said, mental health care is an individual's journey and everyone should address it at their own pace.

For 2022, I have designed a template more geometrical, structured, and easier to fill in everyday.

feel free to download the procreate file and join in!

Moodlog Template
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