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Gratitude cards

Product Developed at NID-A



There is a very clear relation when it comes to the so-called ‘creative thinking and positive effect'. Having positivity around us makes a lot of difference, it influences our mood in a way that we think differently, there is an energy inside us that will make us think better. Positive emotion is likely to increase the number of ideas as well as the breadth of ideas. There are several ways through which we can evoke positive emotions in people around us, having stimuli that make people feel pleasant and happy is enough to create a nice mood that encourages productivity.

To understand more in detail we conducted a small experiment within our institute with our 40 batch mates to see, if we could evoke a sense of gratitude amongst each other and generate positive emotion.

setting up postcards on which gratitude letter are to be written

40 people were chosen to do the exercise and they received 10 empty postcards that they had to address to people each day. Along with that, they received 1 postcard thanking them for being a part of this and how we were glad that they were a part of our lives. Every day they send out one card to the person they’re assigned and each day they receive one from someone unknown. It was encouraged to be open and not be anonymous, so we could generate good thoughts about each other in our minds.

close up shot of envelops before they were sent out

During this experiment, we received a lot of good feedback, about how people felt good about themselves, how others had noticed things about themselves, and how it felt good to think good about people they had never given thought to before. People realized that others only had good things to say about them, and it made the environment happier and more secure. The experiment encouraged more dialogue between people, and more openness, and helped them overcome their inhibitions and fears.

This project was done within a week at National Institute of Design along with Dhyani Parekh, Siddhi Patil and Amrutaa Supate.

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