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Good Market -
A Grocery delivery service

App design for a hypothetical Grocery delivery Store

Self-initiated project (2023)

mock up image of goodmarket app design


The document delineates both the business objectives and the end user's goals, derived from research materials.

pain points

Competitive analysis

I examined parallel grocery delivery services in the New York City area, conducting assessments on both desktop and mobile platforms. The decision was to focus on mobile based app, considering that the target audience predominantly utilizes mobile devices.

Competitive Analysis Report 1
Competitive Analysis Report 3
Competitive Analysis Report 2

Card sorting, sitemap, userflow

Based on my experience, card sorting has consistently proven to be the most effective exercise for comprehending user group patterns and behaviors. This exercise aids in the initial creation of a sitemap.

During the process of identifying user flows, it is possible to revisit and iterate on the sitemap, creating a mutually reinforcing relationship between the two.

card sorting excercise

Card sorting stands as an invaluable UX design exercise that I have had the opportunity to employ in numerous projects. It resembles the act of solving a puzzle, where users actively participate in the organization and categorization of website content or information. This undertaking brings valuable insights into users' mental models and preferences, ultimately facilitating the development of intuitive and user-friendly navigation systems.

To the left (in the first column), you can observe the card-sorting exercise involving individuals from our user age group. Subsequently (in the second column), you will find a sitemap created based on the insights gathered from this exercise.

site map for goodmarket

In the process of constructing user flows, my initial step involves the identification of primary user personas and the description of their core objectives. Later, I chart the sequence of steps or interactions required for them to fulfill these objectives. This approach contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the user's journey, potential pain points, and opportunities for enhancement.

But as important as they are, flows are hard to communicate during the design process. Drawing out every state of a flow is too time-consuming. And drawings become instantly outdated as screens change. On the other extreme, flows written down into stories or paragraphs are hard to reference and lack the simplicity required for conversion into checklists for design and review.

To address these challenges, I have adopted a straightforward technique inspired by Ryan Singer, wherein I map out the user flow on paper. This format allows for rapid sketching and effectively communicates the essential steps required as one envisions the flow.

user journey map

Product requirements

  • The homepage will feature clear navigation with sub-categories and product collections, alongside a user-friendly search function.

  • The checkout page will have multiple steps, with a progress bar for tracking progress. Users can easily move back and forth.

  • Input fields will be simple, and we'll use progressive disclosure for sign-up and checkout steps.

wireframe for goodmarket mobile app
HFW for goodmarket mobile app screens

High fidelity wireframes

Showing the form and navigation patterns

mock up image of good market app design

Proposed Good market mobile app 

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