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Technically Complex Product developed at NID-A

(8 weeks)








Nuclear upper middle class families, Long term users who are passionate about gardening.


Aerobic composting is decomposition of organic matter using microorganisms that require oxygen.


Semi-open and open areas of apartments

- Composting extends life of landfills.
- Using natural compost maintains the soil quality, fertility and moisture level
- Using compost, improves the growth rate of plants.
- Reduces the impact of chemical fertilizer on soil and plants.


by controlling Temperature, Aeration, C:N level

composter render 1
composter render open lid 1

Design brief:

To make a composter, which allows the user to have a hassle free and clean experience.

proposed system/service for waste management
composter shot in context 2
composter shot in context 1
composter shot in context 3
composter render open lid 2
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