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User Interaction Design

(6 weeks)


Initial brief

To design a product for home-based bakers to have a hassle-free experience.

Initial Research Dive:

From the initial research, it became evident that the primary learning aids in the area of baking included ready-to-bake packets, YouTube videos, cooking classes, cookbooks, and online baking recipe blogs.

In discussions with professional bakers from various bakeries in Ahmedabad, I realized that, unlike cooking, baking demands precise measurements, specific steps, and exact temperatures of ingredients to ensure a successful outcome, even for something as simple as a cupcake.

A common complaint among non-bakers (gathered from conversations with young professionals, homemakers, and students) was that the detailed steps and precision of ingredients can be overwhelming for first-time bakers attempting the science of baking.

Expected deliverables

Create a baking solution that gently walks users through each step of your recipe, ensuring they feel at ease throughout the process. Position the product as a gateway to making baking a regular and enjoyable hobby.

Pain points

Following interviews with diverse user groups, each with varying levels of baking expertise, the following insights were compiled:

  1. Ingredient quality and temperature significantly impact the texture and overall quality of the baked goods.

  2. The younger demographic strongly desires to share visually appealing photos or videos of their baked creations on social media or with friends, emphasising presentation and plating.

  3. Across all user groups, regardless of experience level, there is a universal preference for referencing a recipe card, sometimes their own, throughout the baking process to minimize errors.

Market Opportunity for a Baking Kit Delivery System

From the initial research and the identified pain points, a clear market gap emerges, indicating the potential for introducing a baking kit delivery system. While meal kit delivery services are quite common in Western markets, baking kits are notably absent.


In India, this market segment has no competitors. For competitor analysis, I had to examine similar services based in Western countries.

By studying the existing Apps and services from market I got a better understanding towards the USP of my product.

Comparative analysis

To introduce a baking kit delivery system, the brand would require the following setup:

  1. A website or app for users to browse, order, and refer to recipes.

  2. A facility to prepare and pack high-quality ingredients, ensuring safety, eco-friendliness, and temperature control as needed.

  3. An assembly line to compile the baking kits.

  4. A delivery partner.

The initial phase of this project involves building the website/app for the service.

The main types of screen devices that people use to refer to recipes while cooking include (in order of frequency of usage),

  1. Smartphones/cell phones [1]

  2. Tablets, such as iPads or Samsung Galaxy tablets [2]

  3. Laptops, such as the Lenovo Yoga [1]

  4. Smart speakers with screens, like the Amazon Echo Show [1]

Therefore, the decision was made to develop a mobile app that is also compatible with tablet and iPad screens.

EasyBake proposed system.png
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