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Demystifying Creativity

Systems Design project at NID-A

(10 weeks)


Creativity is a concept utilised in different contexts. We decoded and demystified the basic meaning of creativity and understood the process of having new ideas and acceptance of new thoughts through different lenses. This synthesis was then applied to societal conditions that influence humans and related to the context of an organisation. We worked closely with socially relevant organisations to apply creativity as a tool to increase the impact.

What is create.witty?
Create.Witty is a group of 4 product design students on their quest to find answers about the term ‘Creativity’. On this journey we have explored the possibilities and applications of creativity.

Why create.witty ?
The name comes from the adjective “witty” means showing quick and inventive verbal humour. Witty is original, it is ingenious. Our aim to create this idea in ones brain is called “create.witty”.

Gigamap of creativity systems thinking project

more on this

Find out more details of the extended projects like Gratitude cards, Creative confidence, A starry night, The Game of Intents. For other outcomes and toolkits, kindly reach out to the create.wittyy team members - Nuti Mody, Dhyani Parekh, Siddhi Patil, Amruta Supate.

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