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Product Developed at NID-A

(2 weeks)


Under the government scheme, Disha is an early intervention and school readiness scheme for children in the age group of 0-10 years with disabilities, aims at providing training (specifically school readiness) and counselling to both children and parents.

What is Caterpillar?

Caterpillar is a lamp made for kids who need special intervention in their vocational training. The LED moved in a rhythmic manner at different speed which accommodates the comfort level of most children.
The lamp can be hung above the kid (ideally lying or sitting). The kid uses his/her senses of observation, attention, concentration, eye movement & neck movement (in some cases).

Finding opportunities:

BPA - Ahmedabad, runs an early intervention center under this scheme in vastrapur. The kids who come here with their parents are specially abled with Autism, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Partial/complete blindness. 

case study observation photos

To make a product that is,

- Catching their attention easily
- Involving parents
- Amusing each time
- Intuitive
- Not straining their eyes
- Easy and safe to use

prototyping of caterpillar

1. Vivan (Autism and partial blindness)

Vivan was scared of the speed of light & movement. He was in a bad mood earlier so during activity also he didn’t pay attention to it. 

3. Mohammad (CP & mild paralysis)

Eyes glued to the light, There was no neck movement but attention span was more than his usual activities.

2. Gauri (CP)

Gauri was the most patient kid amongst all. She enjoyed light movement on low speed, as fast movements are overwhelming for her in general.

4. Het (Limited Vision)

The kid’s immediate response was curiosity. Amusement. Eyes were always on light no matter the speed. Was fairly close to the unit, therefore neck movement.

Case study:

user testing of caterpillar

Factors Achieved:

- Neck movement
- Attention span
- Parent’s involvement
- Condition of the kid
- Positioning of the light
- Looking at light in 
- the dark vs. in daylight

Scope for future

Observing the space of BPA day care centre, There can be a lot more small interventions like this done in the dark room, the therapy room and the garden area.

I intend to take this project further in a 2D grid where pixel like patterns can move. I hope that the next iteration will provoke more curiosity and amusement in children.

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