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Infographic and illustration work as part of a web design project at Bempu Health Pvt. Ltd.

BabyOnTrack project head: Suparna Kalghatgi

Project mentor: Gaurika Singhal

2 months (2018)


BabyOnTrack is an online platform aimed at supporting parents of newborns in the comfort of their homes. It facilitates connections between parents and an in-house clinical team via calls and messages. This dedicated team offers personalized counseling and guidance regarding common concerns related to newborns. For infants at higher risk, proactive monitoring is implemented through frequent follow-ups and video assessments, allowing for the observation of daily behaviors.

The platform's content is thoughtfully crafted to educate parents on health-promoting practices at home, including topics like breastfeeding, Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC), maternal nutrition, and hygiene. If any irregularities or concerns are detected, the clinical team provides guidance on suitable home-based care or recommends seeking medical attention.

Additionally, BabyOnTrack offers reminders to parents for essential tasks such as vaccinations, well-baby checkups, and the monitoring of developmental milestones, all from the comfort of their own homes.

multiple illustrations arranged in one artwork
multiple illustrations arranged in one artwork

Scope of work

Within the scope of the BabyOnTrack web-based service, I undertook the design and creation of a comprehensive set of infographics. These infographics were meticulously crafted to cover a wide array of essential topics, including latching techniques, vaccination details, recommended food supplements, hygiene practices, burping techniques, colic treatment strategies, and various breastfeeding positions.

The hallmark of these infographics lies in their user-friendly and easily comprehensible design. Through a combination of illustrative artwork and thoughtful layout, these visual aids were engineered to convey complex information in a clear and accessible manner.

Furthermore, these infographics were tailored to the specific needs of our client. To ensure seamless communication and delivery, each individual infographic was efficiently transmitted to the client via WhatsApp, accommodating their preferences and requirements effectively.

A6 sized deck of card designed to explain vaccination details

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